The Obama Effect


This is nothing personal

But we will make it our Business,

In the west, Obama hails from Kenya,

In Kenya, Kogalo is his home,

Jateros are his people(that’s what they claim)

Trying to stop one from seeing him is a century’s fight,

Forget about Mayweather and the other guy.

The most powerful man in the world will be landing,

Grass in Nairobi is coaxed to grow in hours, yet he won’t even notice it

All main roads and highways that Obama will ride over will be

Out of bounds for the common us

Even those close relatives from the lakeside will join us

As we stare on our screens eager to receive what he got us.

Lets not forget our ambitious brothers offering dowry

To the powerful daughters

Did we anticipate this? No way…

In my dreams, I saw the beast, the decoy beasts

Stuck in a jam, hapo Mombasa road,

That guy with a packet of sweets n the one with bananas

Fighting for that one window to get the dhow

Then I woke up to reality, the closest the common us;

Jateros and the rest of us will get close to him

Will be those much advertised set top boxes and our t.v

Karibu Kenya.

Author: Nyaemo Moses.


My inheritance


Over 20 years now,

Or something close to that,

It’s a little blurry but the purity of the innocence then

Paints a picture.

It began with much tender care and love

Then your mama taught you everything patiently

She never got angry when you robbed her sleep

Or bit on her while she fed you; she groomed you

Because you were innocent

A blank slate, so they said was being scribbled

By Mother Nature and her inhabitants

Time passed and pages turned,

A few years now and the book can be substantiated

What have we here?

What is your inheritance?

Society gives what society receives…

The innocence all soiled now.

Look at how we lowly hang our pants,

Look look!!

It’s nothing compared to how high the short skirts go!

But then no sin is greater than the other

This is our inheritance,

You and I

A thoughtful person said, smoke’s genesis is fire

And fire comes fourth from a spark,

Find your spark and quench your shameful inheritance

Change the destiny and inheritance of those we predicate

But look!!! Words ain’t gonna change a thing,

It’s going to be your voice

My voice.

For the inheritance.

by Moses Nyaemo