Rihanna Sings & Dances Along To Chris Brown BET Awards Performance



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Look who knows all the words!  The BET Awards got super hot when Chris Brown & Omarion took to the stage on June 28. Everyone loved the performance — including Chris’ most famous ex, Rihanna! Wait until you see how she showed her love for the song!

Is that how it’s ‘Post To Be’? Perhaps — at least that’s what it seemed like when Omarion & Chris Brown hit the stage to perform their hot, hot jam together at the 2015 BET Awards. There were explosions, Breezy zip-lining on stage, and, oh yeah, Rihanna singing along front and center! She and Chris have come a long way!

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One thing that has regenerated my Android interest of late ids Android’s material design. Am beginning to like Android again.

For the past few years i really hated android because of its interface.

Compared to other releases of android,  Android 5.0 got me. The design in their apps is f****ing good.  Look at this.

maxresdefaultits really awesome…


That got me thinking of going back to my roots!

Should i get a Droid soon? You tell me.

Windows Phone 8 Apps


Hello everyone,

Did you know i am an apps developer?. For both Android and Windows phone apps alike?

Well if you didn’t know, then now you know.

I have n ot officialy uploaded my Android apps to the Google Play store, but i will soon. Talking of Windows Phone Apps, I have a total of 7-8 apps in the Windows store.


Ghafla Kenya!

Bible Study Daily

Baby Learn

Game of Thrones Quotes

CNN Tech News

Churchill Comedy

Elani App

Vera Sidika and Yahoo Tech only that the bastards from Yahoo reportedly claimed my App.

That’s all folks.

You can have a look at then in the windows phone store,, you can use a laptop to jus view them via the online store.

Adios Fellas!!




It all started some time back

When love was a bliss

He knew he had met her, he knew she was the one

Each moment he spent with her was worth his time

Each dime he spent on her was an investment

Little did he know she was different..

Different from the tricks his mind played.

Love meant the world then,

Love made the world go round just before the truth dawned.

Come to the present bitter reality

She was never in love

She was there because she was trying something new,

She knew all along, it was just for fun, but in him it was everything.

Then she left.



She loved him from whence she saw him

He looked like a really nice guy,

He made her laugh

He earned her trust

Then stole her innocence

Then like the dark knight

The truth rose… he was leaving

She tried her best; she really tried to show him

What she would give to try

One more time

But he had made up his mind

He left.

Light at the end of the tunnel.


We always grew up with such encouragements

And we were told, the saying is symbolic

In reality the symbolism is sarcastic

What we were never told,

The light is sometimes dim

And the tunnel may be longer

Life is a journey, love is only a part of it


The greatest commandment it is

Yet it is the virtue taken for grant

It is four lettered, but it’s untold power

Makes earth revolve, and gives birth to other virtues

Mortals make mistakes,

Apologies make up for the mistakes but

Yet again apologies are never enough


Make most of it when you can

Give your all, show it most and above all live for it.


To my future sons and daughters


My sweet ones, although I know you not,

You must be wondering; how was our old man back then?

Rest assured I was not spotless,

Like any other young males out there in majority

I grew up like every other naïve boy

I made the commonest of mistakes and my old man never ceased to crack the whip!

Son, my whip will crack if you walk in unlit paths

I don’t expect you to be extra ordinary but

I will raise you in an extra ordinary way to give you an upper hand.


My daughter, just like many ladies I know

A father is closer to his daughter,

I may not know much about a lady’s life but I have lived long enough to see;

I will want to see you grow and turn to a sweet young lady

With her norms and believes intact

I will not stop reminding you to respect and listen to your mother,

I will always look out for both of you because you will be my future then.

When you are old enough and am very old a couple of grandsons and granddaughters

Will be a family inheritance

I can’t wait to see how the drama of life unfolds,

See you soon