Chris Brown Files Official Paternity Suit Over Royalty


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Chris Brown is ready to step it up as a dad for his daughter, Royalty. The R&B crooner has filed an official paternity suit, asking a judge to suss out child support and a better custody agreement between himself and his little girl’s mom!

Chris Brown, 26, is fed up with the messy custody arrangement between himself and his baby mama, Nia Guzman-Amey, 31. The Texas stripper has made some very difficult demands regarding custody and child support for Royalty. And Breezy is 100% over it. That’s why he’s filing paternity docs — and is asking a judge to step in on his behalf, according to a new report. Read on for all the details!

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Chris Brown Wanted To Bring Rihanna On Stage When He Sang ‘Post To Be’


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Rihanna was loving Chris Brown’s performance of ‘Post To Be’ at the BET Awards on June 28. When Breezy saw his ex singing and dancing up a storm, he was so tempted to ‘bring her on stage to dance with him,’ learned EXCLUSIVELY. Here’s what went down.

Rihanna, 27, is one loyal Chris Brown26, fan, and was not afraid to show it at the BET Awards on June 28. While the “BBHMM” singer was singing and dancing during his performance of “Post To Be,” Breezy wanted “so badly” to bring RiRi up to dance with him, despite his other ex, Karrueche Tran, 27, being in the audience! has the EXCLUSIVE scoop.

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Karrueche Tran To Rihanna: You Can Have ‘My Leftovers’ — Chris Brown


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Rihanna must be holding her trusty umbrella because there’s a lot of shade being thrown her way! Rihanna dissed Karrueche by saying she wasn’t right for Chris, and now, KT wants her to step off. Better yet, she wants RiRi to enjoy her leftovers — Chris Brown. Ella ella eh eh eh!

Rihanna, 27, is thrilled that Chris Brown, 26, and Karrueche Tran, 27, broke up — she never thought KT was right for the “Loyal” singer — but Karrueche doesn’t care. In fact, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Karrueche believes Rihanna is just bitter, and she probably wants Chris back. And if that’s the case, he’s Rihanna’s for the taking.

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USA Beats Germany 2-0 In FIFA Women’s World Cup — Advance To Finals


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That. Was. Intense. Holding titles as the world’s top two teams, the United States Women’s National Team faced off with Germany in another thrilling duel of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The match was definitely one to remember — as the U.S. team beat Germany, 2-0!

The United States Women’s National Team has been on a roll as they’ve competed for top honors during the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Their dedication to slay has obviously paid off, with four wins and just one tie to their names. Their latest victory? Taking down Germany, who had been ranked the #1 female soccer team in the world. Wow — what a feat!

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Rihanna Sings & Dances Along To Chris Brown BET Awards Performance



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Look who knows all the words!  The BET Awards got super hot when Chris Brown & Omarion took to the stage on June 28. Everyone loved the performance — including Chris’ most famous ex, Rihanna! Wait until you see how she showed her love for the song!

Is that how it’s ‘Post To Be’? Perhaps — at least that’s what it seemed like when Omarion & Chris Brown hit the stage to perform their hot, hot jam together at the 2015 BET Awards. There were explosions, Breezy zip-lining on stage, and, oh yeah, Rihanna singing along front and center! She and Chris have come a long way!

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It all started some time back

When love was a bliss

He knew he had met her, he knew she was the one

Each moment he spent with her was worth his time

Each dime he spent on her was an investment

Little did he know she was different..

Different from the tricks his mind played.

Love meant the world then,

Love made the world go round just before the truth dawned.

Come to the present bitter reality

She was never in love

She was there because she was trying something new,

She knew all along, it was just for fun, but in him it was everything.

Then she left.



She loved him from whence she saw him

He looked like a really nice guy,

He made her laugh

He earned her trust

Then stole her innocence

Then like the dark knight

The truth rose… he was leaving

She tried her best; she really tried to show him

What she would give to try

One more time

But he had made up his mind

He left.