To my future sons and daughters

My sweet ones, although I know you not,

You must be wondering; how was our old man back then?

Rest assured I was not spotless,

Like any other young males out there in majority

I grew up like every other naïve boy

I made the commonest of mistakes and my old man never ceased to crack the whip!

Son, my whip will crack if you walk in unlit paths

I don’t expect you to be extra ordinary but

I will raise you in an extra ordinary way to give you an upper hand.


My daughter, just like many ladies I know

A father is closer to his daughter,

I may not know much about a lady’s life but I have lived long enough to see;

I will want to see you grow and turn to a sweet young lady

With her norms and believes intact

I will not stop reminding you to respect and listen to your mother,

I will always look out for both of you because you will be my future then.

When you are old enough and am very old a couple of grandsons and granddaughters

Will be a family inheritance

I can’t wait to see how the drama of life unfolds,

See you soon


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