I couldn’t take my eyes off you,

The very first time I saw you.

The way boys talked I had a doubt about even having a chance

To talk to you.

Little did I know my gaze was your gaze

I held my horses, but let my thoughts wonder,

And let my dreams bring us together

It is the only place where we could hold hands and kiss

Days turned to weeks,

Weeks to a few months…


Like in my own fantasy, I got my shot

I was too naïve to say what I felt,

Too frightened to hold your hand

Too quiet to let my thoughts become a reality.

I lacked the courage to say what I felt…

If only we could communicate with our eyes then

I bet you could have known the much you meant to me.


Jealousy got the better of onlookers

But there was nothing they could do.

Time was not on our side,

We had to part, distance got the better part of us

I went crazy, it was the only thing I could do.

You left and that’s the last I remember of love.


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