You never know what you got.

Seated, with the future all closed up

I got myself to think,

What do I have to lose? After all

Relationships and acquaintances make life.

Love, family and friendship being the backbone of it all

You fall in love thinking it will last but;

Breakups are real.

You live with your family but at some point,

You have to start your own somehow

Friendships, I have to sigh at this point.


Why do we take friendship for granted?

Like we deserve it?

Like we don’t have to give our all to it?

It is the most transparent thing,

It would take a lot to end one, now that there ain’t

No cheating when it gets here. Friendship is sacrifice

More like another family thing.

Don’t take ours for granted for I need you

And you need me.

Adios amigo

By Nyaemo Moses


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