Mistaken identity

When I first saw her, I felt stupid

This was a sign

Her eyes, skin complexion and killer smile,

She had it all, all that I ever dreamt of

I gathered all the knowledge I had trying to suppress my awkwardness

Then approached, trying to look composed,

She held out her hand, I knew I was winning…


All that time she played along

Played games with my feelings,

Playing games with what I genuinely offered

I thought she was sent from above then

I was wrong all that time,

Not able to read between those killer looks,

Was my first grand mistake


Transition set in when she saw the truth,

I was doomed,

I was afraid, I was in love.

Love scared me then,

It felt like I had spent every ounce of energy in my body,

Only to see it go to waste, I had chosen wrong

And I felt cheated.

Cheated by love, and identifying wrongly.

By Nyaemo Moses


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