Me and my Broken heart

It takes little to lay a good feeling off,

It may be difficult to tell a genuine from a fraud…


It gets to the matters of the heart.

Me and my broken heart got tales,Happy tales

But those black memories cover it all

We yearn for bright fantasies which never come to pass.

If only we could see…

If only we could desire to offer less…

If only we were less human…

Too bad we are fated to offer n hurt

Too absorbed to see the crystal clear truth

Taken to remember what we went through,

Human to give the heart what it wants.


Heart tattoos don’t heal

I learn to live with my broken heart,

I was granted one heart,

Too kind to change it for another,

Its endurance amazing that it still offers it’s all.

If only I would lend it to you for a moment then would you understand,

What we’ve been through…

Me and my broken heart.

By Nyaemo Moses


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